Hi There!

Welcome to my blog!

I am Suchitra and I am a photographer based in Manchester, England. I have always loved looking at beautiful photographs and wanted to be able to take such pictures myself. I purchased my first DSLR camera about a year ago and have been trying to learn photography since.

I was often wondering of how to go about learning photography, without having to spend a fortune for it. I’m here to blog about my experiences as a newbie to photography. By blogging rather than keeping a personal journal, I hope to share what I learn with others in the same boat and maybe exchange a few tips. This will also be a digital diary to keep a collection of useful links to relevant articles. If you have any feedback about the blog itself or about the topics related to photography, please feel free to share.

I intend to write about the different challenges of taking photos and editing photos that a newcomer experiences. I intend to write about my different experiments with photography and an analysis of why it went right or wrong.

Are you a web designer expert in photo-editing software? Are you an experienced photographer who can give good critique on what makes a good photograph? Are you or were you another newbie just like me? or Are you studying art or photography? I’d love to connect with you.

By blogging successfully throughout this year, I hope to improve my photography and to learn from professionals in the field and to gain experience in the industry, and I hope this site becomes a place for like-minded enthusiasts to share their know-how.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. Do let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thank you for visiting!


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