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Blogging 101 – Introduction post about why I blog

Hello Reader!

I have written an Introduction post earlier when I first started my blog. But, back then the zerotohero challenge had already started a while ago before I opened my blog. I tried to catch up but then it got overwhelming and the challenge was taken down before I could complete all of it. So, today that I have access to the blogging 101 commons as well and to connect with you fine people, I am re-writing my Introduction post once more.

I am Suchitra, an amateur photographer, living in the city of Manchester in the North West of England.

I am blogging because I find it as an outlet for my ideas. I am making this a public post instead of keeping a private journal because I see no point in keeping it hidden. By the process of expressing myself here, I hope to help other people like me. I also hope to get feedback about my writing and also about my photography and get to know from more experienced people about areas where I can improve.

The topics that I want to write about are different aspects of amateur photography. Professional photographers might give tips about more advanced topics of photography. But since I’m an amateur myself, my posts will be helpful to other amateurs mostly in the beginner to intermediate levels of photography. As I progress with my blogging, I hope to make posts useful for advanced photographers also in the future.

I am blogging because I can follow posts by other people with similar interests and hobbies as me. By doing so, I can keep myself updated about the latest trends and technologies related to photography and photo-editing.

Blogging makes me think, explore and go deep into a subject when someone asks questions / comments about related topics.

Last but not the least, blogging makes me more active in everyday life and it is better than just passively browsing about the topics that interest me. I feel that I am making better use of my time this way.

Blogging brings a worldwide audience to my thoughts and ideas who give good guidance and support. Oh and before I conclude – The icing on the cake is that creating a website, portfolio and blog here with WordPress provided me the opportunity to get feedback from renowned photographer Bryan Peterson whom I greatly admire. Hence the featured image for this post is a photo I took by learning flash photography techniques from his youtube video series – You keep shooting!

Thank you for reading this long post and Happy shooting!


8 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Introduction post about why I blog

  1. Hey there, I am also an amateur photographer. I loved your photography, the photos are beautiful. I started my blog 2 months ago to pursue my creative photography journey. Feel free to visit, I love exchanging photography ideas with other like minded people šŸ™‚


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