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Blogging 101 – Title and tagline

Hello Reader!

Today I’m going to post about the title and tagline of my website.

I am a photographer looking to start out professionally. So the title – Suchitra Photography – seemed like an obvious choice. Now comes the tagline. Since I did not know how to get professional assignments initially, I thought that I would approach established photographers by asking if they had any openings for an assistant. I was searching on the web for photographers in Manchester area and was contacting them via email or through the contact page of their website. Majority of the photographers did not reply. The very few of them that did, asked for an online portfolio and a website where they could view my pictures. This was only reasonable. So in the process of looking for work, I created a website of my own.

I do not have any professional training in photography. But I am curious and very keen to learn. I have joined a photography club and I am regularly taking part in the monthly competitions held there to learn about what makes a good photograph and the different aspects of photography. It seemed that by blogging, I could connect with other photographers and learn more from experts in the field. I want to improve my skills and become a better photographer and I hope that someday in the near future, I will have a photography business of my own.


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