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Sunset portrait photography experiment

Hello Readers!

My dear friend Maggie recently showed me a stunning collection of photographs on flickr, by Elena Shumilova. You can find her photostream here.

I was trying to photograph today at sunset at our local park. The sun was setting at the back of my subject and these are some of the photographs I got:

Although I am not entirely happy with the results, it is a start. Today was a learning experience and below are some links that give good tips on photographing portraits during sunset / sunrise:

Sunrise Portraits Part II – The Techniques

10 Tips for Beautiful Sunset Portrait Photography

Golden hour is the magical light just after sunrise and just before sunset when portraits look stunning. It changes slightly depending on where you live. This site is a good calculator for knowing the exact golden hour times of where you will be photographing:


A useful video about how to get the correct exposure for sunset portraits is here:

The last step in the video suggests dialing down the flash exposure compensation by a stop. This is done on a Canon 600D by pressing the Q button on the right. The dial is used to toggle between the different flash modes i.e. built-in, Custom wireless (for Manual) or Easy wireless (for TTL). The up and down keys can be used to toggle between the flash modes and flash exposure compensation buttons. The right most buttons on the 2nd and 3rd rows of the display are for flash and can be accessed by the Q button.

My pictures don’t yet look as dreamy as the professionals make it look, but I’m hoping to learn. What is your favourite time of day to take pictures? Do you love the golden hour? Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!


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