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Look awesome in family photos with these tips on what to wear!

Summer is just over and you might be just back from the holidays. Are you thinking of getting a photo shoot done to show off your lovely tan? You can have some fantastic family pictures to make your own personalized Christmas and New Year cards!

When you book a photo session, there will be lots of questions running through your mind. The FAQ page on this website was created to help you through the process of preparing for the photo shoot. This way you can ensure good pictures of yourself and family.

One of the main decisions to make is what to wear on the day. Follow these simple but effective tips to look your best in your photos!

Be comfortable

Please wear whatever you’re comfortable with. Please remember that there may be standing, sitting or lying on the ground for the poses. If there is anything you are not comfortable with, please let me know as early as possible. Also remember to wear comfortable footwear. Take a note of the weather and dress accordingly.

Planning the family outfits

For the mothers, I would suggest to pick your clothes first. Then plan for the outfits of the other members of the family around the colour scheme that you have chosen for your own clothes. If you do it the other way around and pick the outfits of everyone else, then you will be left with very little time and energy for picking your own clothes. In a hurry you might just grab whatever you can lay your hands on. As a mum myself, I understand that we out others’ needs first. But mum needs to look great in pictures as well!


Men’s wear

The men folk could wear jeans and t-shirt or formal shirt with jacket. These are just suggestions and please wear what you normally wear and are comfortable in. The last thing I want you to do is be uncomfortable or project an entirely different image to what your usual style is!

Kids’ clothing

Please ensure that kids are warm in wet / cold weather. A child feeling cold and uncomfortable does not want to be photographed and we do not want them to be ill soon after! You can bring a change of clothes especially for the kids. This will help you get different looks in the photo-shoots and you will also be prepared if there are any accidents in case of younger children.

Family Photography Heaton Park Manchester 8

Colour schemes

Pick 2 or maximum 3 colours for your outfits for the session. Plan everyone’s outfits around those colours. You can add neutral colours like black, grey or in some cases browns to the colours that you have already picked.

Lay it out to visualize

If you have to plan for more than 3 people, visualizing in your mind’s eye can be tough. So you can lay out the clothes on the floor or on your bed

Seasonal Photo-shoots

Since Christmas is approaching, you could do a colour scheme of Green and Red. Blue can be an accent colour if you will be wearing jeans. As mentioned earlier, black and grey can be other colours that you pick for the clothes a well. This type of photo shoots will suit holiday cards very well!

What not to wear

T-shirts with writing do not generally look good in photos. If you are in doubt, please stick with single colour tops with no writing/prints on. Whether you want to wear casuals or semi-formal is entirely up to you, although formal clothing may not suit the outdoor location much. I would suggest to avoid completely white clothes if you are dark skinned like me. White clothes will blow out in the pictures i.e. reflect too much light, look too bright and not look very good.


If you have any doubts / questions in mind, please feel free to contact me! Did you find these tips helpful? Is there something else that you’d like to add to these tips? Please let me know, I’d love to hear from you!


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