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Family Photography Manchester at Heaton Park – Yasmin and Lance

Recently I did a two part photo session for the lovely Yasmin and her cheerful son Lance at Bury Fire Station Open Day and then at Heaton Park, which is one of my favourite locations to photograph.


I had been to Heaton Park to scout for good locations to take family photos. I had also taken into account the weather and the time of day for good lighting conditions. This saves a lot of time during the actual photo session, even if the family is unfamiliar with the location.

Location selection

Yasmin had suggested going to Broughton Park. But when I googled it, I found that it was a small park and the nearby buildings would be visible in the photos which would not make good backdrops. Yasmin agreed to do the photo shoot in Heaton Park. As Lance loved fire engines, Yasmin wanted the photo shoot to be at Bury Fire Station Open Day too. So we decided that, that is where the first half of the session would be. I understand a mum’s reasons for choosing a location that excites the child and it makes for interesting photos.

Child’s response

Picking a location that excited Lance brought out the best pictures of the day. He was charged up to see the fire station. We got images of him happily interacting with the horses, policemen and firemen.

We then went to Heaton Park. There was a huge space full of flowers in front of the Heaton Hall. This is available only during the summer months. Mum Yasmin told that Lance likes to bend down to smell the flowers and I captured some of these photos as well. More than the “say cheese” kind of photos, these photos show the character of the kids and will be nice memories for the mother and son to look back at, after a few years too!

Natural and candid photo shoot

We let the child play around freely and did not direct him. It is difficult for both the parents and the children to force them to sit still in one place. This makes it difficult for the child and they are soon not in a mood to be photographed. I try my best to let kids be themselves, and they are not too conscious of the fact that they are in a photo session.

I was a few steps ahead of Lance and anticipating his actions to capture the expressions in photographs. Due to this, mum Yasmin felt the session was relaxed and the photos came out well and I was happy about it too!

Variety of images delivered

I offered a variety of images of the child alone, and also of the mother son duo in different surroundings. The images were delivered to Yasmin in a beautiful online gallery.

Fancy your own session?

If you would like a photo shoot like this at Heaton Park or anywhere else in the Greater Manchester area, then why not ask about my availability? You can email me at or give me a call / text at 07440306103.

Family Photography Heaton Park Manchester 7












Family Photography Heaton Park Manchester 5






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