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Useful Tips For Your Outdoor Family Photo Shoot

Have you ever considered a family photo shoot, but not in a studio setting? Local parks, city centres or even your home make for a nice backdrop to create memories that you will want to keep looking at often. Here are some useful tips for making your photo session an enjoyable one, with a bit of preparation:

Favourite things to do

Pick a location that excites the child with their favourite things to do.

I recently did a photo-shoot for my friend whose son is 22 months old. He loves fire engines and luckily there was an Open Day at the local fire station. My original idea was to do the photo-shoot at a local park where there is a space full of flowers. But since mum knows her child best, I went with her idea and we did the first half of the session at the fire station. I was so pleasantly surprised to see the excitement on the boy’s face. He was amazed to see the police cars and fire engines. The policemen and the firemen were very nice and they even let him sit inside the vehicles and we got pictures of him wearing the police cap and the fire helmets. That made for interesting, unusual pictures. If parents suggest any changes to the original plan, I will go along with it.


Personality and Characteristics

We then also took pictures at the local park where there are flowers. Mum told me that her son loves to smell flowers and I included those shots in the session as well. Every child is different and has different likes, dislikes and characteristics. Please feel free to discuss these with me beforehand that will help me select a good location for your session and also capture the children in their element.


Exciting events

Some kids like cars, planes, flowers etc. This picture was taken at a local park where a vintage bus rally was going on. I love that there is so much of life in her eyes! She was excited to see the vintage buses passing by.


Seasons and changes

Picking a location also depends on the season. During summer there will be flowers and during autumn the coloured leaves look good. The same places in the park have different looks in different seasons. I could do a photo session for you in the same place in parks in different seasons. It will be a nice comparison to see how much your kids have grown during the course of a year!


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