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What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is a type of photography which aims to capture people in real life situations in an artistic way. It is more than taking candid photographs. It is about capturing images that reveal a story.

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Every lifestyle family photography session is relaxed, informal, lots of fun and will result in creative photographs of you and your family. I want the photographs to truly reflect your personalities, so I encourage you to take me to your favourite places and to wear the clothes that say who you really are. Forced smiles and uncomfortable clothes are not a good look.

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On Location

My family portrait photography sessions are shot on location. This makes for unique family photography backdrops which you cannot achieve in the studio.

Many families will have their photographs taken at a studio, where you’ll be directed by the photographer.  I want to break away from that family studio photography look, so that’s the exact opposite of what I offer. We head outdoors, playing, running and doing the things children enjoy, where they can be themselves. I capture these moments in your lifestyle family photography session.

We can use city centres for your family photo shoot, or we can use local parks.

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How do I book?

It’s easy, just fill in the contact form or give me a call or SMS on +91-9886401492.


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